Good enough to eat! Food Photography Tips

When it comes to visual appeal, nothing can succeed or fail so much as food photography. We’ve all been there. You’re perusing a menu at a restaurant, drive-thru, or even television. Sure, that food SOUNDS good but the lighting is bad, the colors are flat. Maybe you hope that it tastes better than it looks? I am always baffled that some restaurateurs put so little into their visual presentation, since pictures really do “say a thousand words”.

With some basic knowledge, anyone can make foods more appealing. This is a great resource that I found that will be tucked away for future reference. Maybe you don’t have a restaurant but LOVE to take pics of your food for Facebook or Twitter? Bon Appétit!

Using the Rule of Thirds for Proper Placement

Using the Rule of Thirds for Proper Placement–photography courtesy of

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