About Me

Amy VelazquezFirst off, I’m excited that you’ve found my page!

My name is Amy and I live in the beautiful, mountainous community of Santa Fe, New Mexico. In such a lovely place, one cannot help but be mesmerized by the surrounding natural beauty. I often catch my breath seeing evening chromacolor sunsets and mountain views.  

As if the natural wonders weren’t enough, Santa Fe vibrates with an artistic community, overflowing with world-renowned painters, sculptors, photographers, and exceptional craftsmen.

I have always appreciated thoughtful and easy to use compositions. As a soon to be graduate of the Graphics Art Program at Santa Fe Community College, I’ve found a passion for graphic art and design. I have been introduced to various digital design programs and influences.

I’m excited to embark upon new adventures.Take a look around and view some of my student work projects to get an idea of my design aesthetic. I gravitate towards elegance and simplicity whenever possible. Contact me with any questions you may have!

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